If sitting beneath palm trees sipping Ceylon tea sounds like an afternoon well spent, then the Landmark hotel is your next spot for leisure.
Aptly situated opposite Marelybone Station, this grand hotel boasts high glass ceilings with hoards of natural light and a relaxing ambience. Picture this with towering palm trees amongst stone pillars and you find yourself existing somewhere between the Côte d’Azur and an art deco palace.

hotel with palm trees

The team go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy your experience and regularly attend to your table to pour tea and offer a fresh selection of sandwiches – the cucumber sandwich being the most unassuming yet moreish of the selection.
Other options include the usual suspects for afternoon tea: coronation chicken, Lapsang Souchong smoked Scottish salmon, and egg mayonnaise & cress.

Afternoon tea

As should be expected, the selection of tea to accompany the sandwiches is extensive, offering flavours such as Indian tea, Earl Grey infused with rose petals, and Darjeeling tea – to name a few.
Afternoon tea cakes
But the transition from savoury to sweet is perhaps the most enjoyable part of the experience, with a variety of delicately presented meringues, macaroons and light sponges to choose from, along with freshly baked scones and clotted cream for those who like a traditional cream tea.
If you time your appointment right, you may just be able to enjoy this sweet selection whilst the hotel’s talented harpist plays live music in the background – an afternoon of utter enjoyment.
Find out more about the Landmark’s afternoon tea here.
Price: £££

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