When one of the UK’s largest selling lifestyle magazines recently announced a change in the direction of their brand with a plan to go digital, providing only a bi-annual print edition for their audience, we were faced with another instance where digital demands had tipped the scales and won the battle.
Consider this, along with the number of new online magazines and blogs constantly sprouting in all corners of the web, and you have yourself a strong case to support the notion that we’re slowly witnessing the purge of print.
music-2585968_960_720 pixabay
If this sounds all too much like a dystopian future for the print pioneers thus far – keep reading, all isn’t lost.
Despite the tremendous digital space that we’re engulfed in, recent statistics suggest that print will still stand the test of time – and by stand the test of time, we mean more than serving as a mere novelty item to decorate a coffee table.
Annual statistics from global analytics company Neilsen Holding’s found that sales of paper books increased by 2% in 2016 and is set to continue in what has been noted as an increased interest in print by the younger generations.
Yes, amidst what has undoubtedly become the era of technology, it is the most technologically savvy of generations that are actually seeking out paper copies.
Do we think this means the entire western world will wake up on one morning with an overwhelming urge to boycott technology and scramble to their nearest bookstores? Obviously not. And neither are we saying we’d want that.
Sharing our thoughts and opinions with you all on this platform is evidence enough that the online world can be an amazing space to network with like-minded people, share what you love, and gain the right exposure. We’re simply saying that we’re glad to know print could be here to stay for the foreseeable future.


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