We all remember those dreaded temporary tattoos that we eagerly stuck on ourselves when we were younger in a vain attempt to be cool.

Luckily they weren’t exactly an expensive fashion faux pas.
For the past couple of Summers, we’ve been reminded of those very tattoos except we’ve been looking at their much more chic and desirable successors.

PicMonkey Collage tatt3

Left:Tattly Tattoo // mid: Tattly Tattoo//Right: Tattly Arrow Tattoos
Frequently spotted on the likes of Beyonce and Aussie model, Mimi Elashiry, these temporary tatts were so big a hit last year that they’re still predicted to be swaying on the bodies of festival-goers all over this Summer.

PicMonkey Collagetatts4.png

Left:IAMU Collective Henna Tattoos £15 // Mid:Tattly Arrow Tattoos// Right:Kitsch Rose Tattoo
Linked above are a few examples of some of the best tattoos spotted so far for this upcoming summer and, just in case you need to brush up on your application skills, there’s a link on the Missguided blog showing you how it’s done here.
Next on the agenda: a natural tan, a good choice of summer tipple, and you’re officially festival-ready. It’s really that simple!

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